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RD Castings - Quality Control System

All product produced is traceable through a unique Batch Number which links back to the source material. This number is, effectively, the method by which conformance is linked to requirement for supplied product and thus is demonstratively a full certificate of conformance over and above those usually issued.

Sub Route Card (SRC) defines all required production stages concerned with each order and, along with database records, provides traceability down to operator level of each run.

  • Raw material:

  • All raw die casting alloy is purchased from ISO 9000 registered sources accompanied by an analysis certificate as is common practice at RD Castings Ltd.
    Drossing procedures are in place fo control melt integrity and virgin / alloy return ratios are controlled to ensure melt stays within specification.
    Metal temperature is monitored using calibrated controllers.

  • Die Casting:

  • Initial die casting machine parameters are set to a process control sheet developed during sample run and all settings checked and adjusted on subsequent runs to maintain optimum casting performance.

  • Machining/inspection:

  • All post casting operations and inspection stages are documented on process control sheets which, as for the die cast setting sheets, are developed from initial sample and subject to review and change following subsequent production runs.
    Following initial sample, inspection is carried out in process as required along with 100% visual inspection at final despatch. All inspection/measuring equipment is calibrated in accordance with RD Castings quality procedures.

  • Quality Records:

  • All records (calibration, inspection/process and traceability) are retained for a period not less than 2 years (extension on these periods can be accommodated by arrangement). Issue control and change control of all data/process sheets and specifications is achieved using a master document register and change number system administered by the QA department.

    All orders received are confirmed in writing, which extends to order amendments when applicable.

    RD Castings - Quality Control System

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